Strawberry Blossom Tours

Strawberry Blossom Tours

Strawberry Blossom Tours take place when the strawberry plants are in blossom.  Each person gets a strawberry plant to grow at home.  Your group will not be picking strawberries. Strawberry Blossom Tours are an enjoyable, educational spring field trip for children preschool through third grade.  Students can experience a working farm; see how food is planted and grown; learn about honeybees and native pollinators; and enjoy a hands-on planting activity. 

Drop Ins welcome at 11:30 am next week on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday for Blossom Tour.


  • 2018 dates & times:
      • May 1 through May 11, 2018 Tuesday through Friday mornings
      • Reservation Times are 10:00 am for groups of 20 or more
      • 11:30 am Reservations for small groups or families (no minimum group size required)
  • Please plan to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your start time.
  • The fee is $9.00 per person, including all children and all teachers/chaperones. Children under twelve months are free unless they want a strawberry plant.  We do not offer any special pricing.

Strawberry Blossom Tours are divided into stations and each small group will rotate through all the stations in about 1-1/2 hours, in no particular order: Groups will pay the day of your visit for the final number of people in your group. You may use cash, school check, or MasterCard/VISA.  Please collect all money in advance and make one payment for your group.

  •  Tractor-driven wagon ride blossom tour of the farm with guide
  • Pollination Station with observation hive
  • Learn about our barnyard buddies – Charlie the pig, goats, and donkeys
  • See the strawberry life cycle
  • Suzy Strawberry felt board story
  • Plant a strawberry plant to take home
  • Picnic / Playtime is an additional ½ hour before or after your program depending on your reservation time.
  • Group leaders will receive a Blossom Bulletin for each child.  This facts and fun worksheet can be used in the classroom to reinforce material learned on the farm and provide a grade-level appropriate activity.
  • Please expect to be on the farm for at least 2 hours.  Each reservation includes about 1.5 hours of programming and half an hour for optional picnic/play time.  Please bring your own food and beverages.
    • 10:00 am reservation- programming begins at 10:00am, picnic/play time is at 11:30 am
    • 11:30 am reservation- picnic/play at 11:30 am, program starts at 12 Noon and runs until 1:30 pm
  •  Reservations are made online via the link at the bottom of this page.  No payment is necessary when making your reservation.  You will receive an email confirming your reservation. We will contact Group reservations by telephone a few days prior to your visit to review the details of your tour.
  • Billing:  If your group requires an invoice for a check request please contact our office at 301-428-0444 as soon as you make your reservation.  We will respond as quickly as possible so your check can be ready by the day of your event.  Any refunds are processed through our office only.  The refund check will be sent to the issuing institution to the address on the check.  Please allow 1 week to 10 days to receive refunds.

Note:  Prior to your arrival: If your group is over 30 people we ask that you please divide your children and adults into smaller groups of no more than 30 people each.

Special Note for Groups Arriving by Bus:

Busses should approach Butler’s Orchard via Route 27 directly to Davis Mill Road. Map and directions are on our website at   (There is a steep, hairpin turn coming from Brink Road and every year busses get stuck.)  PLEASE share this information with your bus driver.

      • GROUPS:  Please plan to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your scheduled start time.  Please follow Strawberry Blossom Tour signs directly onto the farm.  There is no need to stop at the farm market.  Have your group leader check-in and pay at our Festival Check in. Our farm host will meet your group leader, accept your payment, and direct your group to the field.
        •  Our Strawberry Blossom Tour leaders will meet your group when you arrive in the field. Each station has a trained farm educator.
        •  Please bring your own snacks or lunch for the picnic/play time portion of your day on the farm.  We do not sell any food or beverage during Strawberry Blossom Tours, however, a water cooler and cone cups will be available at the Food Barn.
        • Please dress appropriately for the weather and a day on the farm.  Bring sunscreen and bottled water if it is expected to be very warm. In cooler weather, remember a light jacket or sweater.
        • Special Needs Groups:  Please call us at 301-428-0444 if your group has special needs of any kind so we can discuss potential accommodations.
        • Strawberry Blossom Tours TO GO (Seasonal upon availability.  48 hours notice required).  A great alternative if you are unable to make a trip to the Farm, or you are unable to re-schedule because of bad weather.  Price is $4/person and includes:
          • Strawberry plant
          • Blossom Bulletin
    •  Please call us at 301-428-0444 if:
      •  You need to adjust or cancel your reservation.
      • There is any doubt about the weather.  Strawberry Blossom tours can go rain or shine, but if it is too wet we are happy to help you reschedule.
      • If you have lost something on the farm.  Please note that Butler’s Orchard is not responsible for lost items.
  •  Service animals only, please.
  •  The farm has portable restrooms.

Online reservations:

Book your reservation online here!