Frequently Asked Questions


Check out our list of FAQs below! Have a question that isn’t answered here or have a suggestion for us to add to the FAQ? Give us a call at (301) 428-0444 or send us an email at info@butlersorchard.com!

Masks are required on the Farm and in the Farm Market.  Food will be served at the Farm Park.  Please be aware of areas where eating is occurring and maintain social distance.


The Bunnyland Hayride will  be taking guests for a ride in a loop.  You may skip the hayride if you do not feel comfortable.


Yes.  In order to manage our numbers and allow for social distancing you need to have a reservation to come to the farm.  Please do not drive to the farm without a reservation confirmation.  Visit the website to choose your pumpkin picking option and make a reservation.


Donuts are $1.25 each and snack items and drinks run from $2.00-$7.00.  Lunch items run from $3.50 for a hotdog up to $8.00 for a combo.  Additional details coming soon!


Bunnyland is a weather dependent event.  Please check the website or social media before you travel.

We are no longer selling Season or Family passes due to the changes in the picking process for the 2020/2021 season. We will bring these back as soon as circumstances allow.

Our Market opens Saturday March 13 Tuesdays-Sundays 9:00am-6:00pm.  Face masks are required and guests are limited.

Your mask, water for drinking, sanitizer, sun protection – hats, sunscreen, bug spray.  Dress for the weather.

Closed toed shoes are best in all seasons!


Service animals only.  We follow compliance standards for Federal and State health and food codes.  Comfort or emotional support animals(pets) are not permitted at Butler’s Orchard.

Butler’s is an Integrated Pest Management Farm.  Whenever possible, we treat with natural methods, such as pruning, irrigation, traps, horticultural oils, and predatory bugs.  We farm carefully to increase yield and quality and to be diligent stewards of the land for our community.

Yes, all the produce grown on our farm is GMO free.  Generally, only large-scale crops have GMO seed options. GMO seeds are not practical for small scale farmers like us.  For more information about our growing practices please pick up our brochure How We Grow at Butler’s Orchard the next time you are on the Farm.

A flushable toilet is located at the Farm Market.  We also have Porta Potties located in the fields.  A Handicap porta potty is located at the Farm Market.