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Growing Practices

We practice Integrated Pest Management(IPM), a combination of both organic and conventional farming methods. IPM is designed to increase yield and quality, while reducing the need for treatments. A professional scout frequently checks our crops for insects and disease pressures.  If action is needed, we carefully consider all the available pest control techniques and determine the best management strategy. Just because we see a single pest does not always mean control is necessary. Whenever possible, we treat pests with natural methods, such as pruning, irrigation, traps, horticultural oils, and predatory bugs. IPM allows us to reduce the number of treatments and move toward a more sustainable practice.  When we do find the need to apply a control, we apply in a targeted area and adhere to a strict list of approved pesticides.

How We Grow at Butler’s Orchard

If the weather is uncertain, please call before arriving.


Pumpkin Harvest Days

Pumpkin Fun during the week!

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