Growing Practices

We practice Integrated Pest Management(IPM), a combination of both conventional and organic farming methods.  It is not a single pest control method, but rather a series of pest management evaluations, decisions, and controls that are designed to increase yield and quality, while reducing the need for treatments.  An ongoing composting and cover crop program helps lower our use of synthetic fertilizers and, whenever possible, we treat pests with natural methods, such as pruning, irrigation, traps, horticultural oils, and predatory bugs.

A professional scout frequently checks our crops for insects and disease pressures.  Just because we see a single pest does not always mean control is necessary.  IPM allows us to reduce the number of treatments and move toward a  more sustainable practice.  When we do find the need to apply a control, we apply in a targeted area and adhere to a strict list of approved pesticides.  IPM has been tested nationwide and proven to have a positive effect on both the environment and human health.  For more information, visit


Q:  Are you GMO free?

A:  Yes, all the produce grown on our farm is GMO free.  Generally, only large-scale crops have GMO seed options. GMO seeds are not practical for small scale farmers like us.  For more information about our growing practices please pick up our brochure How We Grow at Butler’s Orchard the next time you are on the Farm.

Q:  Can I bring my dog?

A:  We do not allow dogs to meet compliance standards for Federal and State health and food codes.  Service animals are permitted.