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Crop Calendar

Thanks for a great year!  Already looking forward to 2020!

All dates are approximate.  Weather conditions and demand determine the supply of our fruits and vegetables.  Check this page or call 301-428-0444 for daily availability.

Crop Availability

Crop Approximate Availability
Strawberries Mid-Late May through June
Sugar Snap & English Peas Mid-June through late June
Black Raspberries Mid-June through early July
Blueberries Late June through early August
Tart Cherries Late June
Flowers July through September
Blackberries Mid-July through August
Potatoes Late July through September
Red Raspberries Mid-August through first frost
Apples Early September through mid-October
Pumpkins Late September through October
Christmas Trees Late November through December 24


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Picking Conditions

Excellent Picking Conditions

  • The fruit is abundant and easily found.
  • It does not require much time to pick and fill a container.
  • One does not have to cover much distance or area in the field to fill a container.
  • There is more excellent quality fruit.
  • It is the peak of the season.

Good Picking Conditions

  • The fruit is abundant, but not as plentiful or easily found as when conditions are excellent.
  • It takes a little longer to pick the same amount of fruit as compared to when conditions are excellent.
  • You may have to cover more area to fill your container.
  • The quality of the fruit is still very good.
  • The season may be starting or winding down, or we may be in between the peak of a variety of a crop.

Scattered Picking Conditions

  • There is not a lot of fruit and the crop might be considered “light”.
  • It takes longer to pick and fill your container.
  • You will have to work harder and cover more area to fill your container.
  • The quality can be excellent and there will be pockets of great fruit but it will take more effort.
  • Picking can be scattered when the season is just beginning or when it is ending.

If the weather is uncertain, please call before coming (301-428-0444).

If the weather is uncertain, please call before arriving.


Pumpkin Harvest Days

Pumpkin Fun during the week!

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Red Raspberries……$4.99/lb.  Over 3 lbs = $4.59/lb.  Scattered picking.  Season just beginning

Red Raspberries