Crop Calendar

Crop Calendar

For 2018…

Visit this page daily for updates and picking information.  You may sample one, but please pay for all berries you pick.

We have a new field of blackberries this year.  We will have our popular Sungold Cherry tomatoes, lots of heirloom tomatoes, and lunch box snacking peppers for picking.  We plan on expanding our fields of sunflowers for picking and for beautiful pictures!

Now picking…

Blueberries, last entry at 1:00pm during the week.

Good picking. $2.99/lb


Scattered picking. While supply lasts. Season just beginning. $2.99/lb


Good - Season just beginning. $10.00/quart or $.50/stem.

Herbs - Basil, Cilantro, Parsley

Good picking. $12.99/lb


Scattered picking Cherry Tomatoes. $1.99/lb;over 10 lbs $1.79/lb


Approximate Availability


Mid-Late May through June

Sugar Snap and English Peas

Mid-June through late June

Black Raspberries

Mid-June through early July


Late June through early August

Tart Cherries

Late June


July through September


Mid-July through August


Late July through September

Red Raspberries

Mid-August through first frost


Early September through mid-October


Late September through October

Christmas trees

Late November through December 24

Please read our Admission/Day Pass Information to learn about Farm access.

All dates are approximate. Weather conditions and demand determine the supply of our fruits and vegetables.

Picking Conditions

Excellent Picking Conditions …

  • The fruit is abundant and easily found.
  • It does not require much time to pick and fill a container.
  • One does not have to cover much distance or area in the field to fill a container.
  • There is more excellent quality fruit.
  • It is the peak of the season.

Good Picking Conditions …

  • The fruit is abundant, but not as plentiful or easily found as when conditions are excellent.
  • It takes a little longer to pick the same amount of fruit as compared to when conditions are excellent.
  • You may have to cover more area to fill your container.
  • The quality of the fruit is still very good.
  • The season may be starting or winding down, or we may be in between the peak of a variety of a crop.

Scattered Picking Conditions …

  • There is not a lot of fruit and the crop might be considered “light”.
  • It takes longer to pick and fill your container.
  • You will have to work harder and cover more area to fill your container.
  • The quality can be excellent and there will be pockets of great fruit but it will take more effort.
  • Picking can be scattered when the season is just beginning or when it is ending.

If the weather is uncertain, please call before coming (301-428-0444).