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Social Distancing Strawberry Picking 2020!

The Butler Family wants you to know that your safety is important and this is why things will look different around the farm this year. We have 300 acres of open space and fresh air and can not wait to welcome our community to harvest their own essential produce while maintaining social distance.

Weather conditions and demand determine the supply of our fruits and vegetables and this year we are opening for strawberry picking BY RESERVATION ONLY.  Sundays at 5:pm we will input availability for Tuesday- Friday.  Thursdays by 5:00pm we will input availability for the weekend.  On a daily basis we will adjust numbers, time slots and container size.  Initially, scattered picking with smaller containers to fill.  As the season continues we will open for prime picking with more fields open, more numbers per time slot and larger sizes of containers.  We ask that you please be patient as this is a new system for all of us and adjustments will have to be made.

Social Distancing Strawberry Picking Format:

  • -Pick Your Own field hours:  Tues – Sun 8:30am – 6:00pm  (Peak Season). Reservation time slots & tickets available will vary on a daily basis, due to weather & picking conditions. Check back after 5pm each day for updates.
  • -To place your reservation visit our homepage and click the reservation button. (This will not be available until sometime during the week of May 18th).
  • -Go online to choose your time slot & purchase pre-paid containers. Do not show up to pick without a reservation
  • -Each reservation time slot allows for 1.5 hours & our fields will be emptied at the end of each slot.
  • -We will not weigh containers at the end of your picking. Instead its one price for all you can fill in that chosen container!
  • -Reminder: You may NOT bring your own containers to pick (you must purchase a single use container at the time of your reservation; additional containers will be available for purchase in the field).
  • -Our fields are open rain or shine. If severe weather occurs we will clear the fields until the storm passes.
  • -Entrance to the fields will be separate from our Farm Market (look for signs to direct you to the entrance to our farm/fields). Do NOT park at the Farm Market.
  • -Proceed onto the farm & you will arrive at our welcome booth. Here is where our Staff will: check your reservation in, review safety procedures, open your trunk so staff can “touch free” load wristbands & pre-paid containers in your vehicle, direct you to your designated field (Note: you may not request a specific field or variety of fruit).
  • -After you park at the field please look for guidance from signage & our Staff in regards to your picking procedures.
  • -Picking rows will be distanced 6 ft apart so that visitors can remain socially distanced. You will enter the row one direction & follow it to the other end for a one-way exit.
  • -There will be hand sanitizer dispensers & porta potties in the vicinity of the fields
  • -Our curbside market will be open Tues – Sun from 11am-5pm. We encourage all visitors to place your online order the day before. Make sure your curbside pick time is for after your picking reservation.

Pricing: To limit contact for all, we will no longer be weighing containers. All strawberries will be “Pre-Paid” in ONLY containers distributed by staff at check in. Additional containers can be purchased in the picking fields.

  • $3.00  per person admission.  Infants under 12 months are free.
  • $4.99/Quart (1.5 pounds)
  • $19.99/Half Flat (6-8 pounds)
  • $39.99/Full Flat (12-15 pounds)

Please note that we are no longer able to offer Free admission Wednesdays and that the Farm Park is CLOSED.  

Are you a Season Pass holder?  Thank you for your support! Reserve your space as a general customer. When you arrive at our welcome booth show your season pass and you will receive a complimentary quart container ($5 value!). Tuesday & Saturday mornings at 8:30am will be reserved for seniors and season pass holders. At this time we will not be issuing anymore season passes.

For us to proceed with the 2020 pick your own season we have taken into consideration CDC & recommended PYO safety guidelines for the state of Maryland.

Safety Protocols (These procedures MUST be followed to ensure the health & safety of our staff & all visitors/families):

  • -If you’re sick, don’t pick (DO NOT enter the farm if you are ill, have a cough, or fever)
  • -Adults & Children elementary age and up MUST wear a facemask/face covering for their entire visit
  • -Stay 6’ apart from other visitors (our picking rows will be 6’ apart & marked accordingly)
  • -Sanitize your hands before & after picking (we will have sanitizer available in dispensers)
  • -You may NOT bring your own containers to pick (you must purchase a single use container at the time of your reservation; additional containers will be available for purchase in the field)
  • -For the safety of all visitors please do not eat the fruit while you pick (masks should remain on)
  • -If you touch it, take it (please take what fruit you touch)
  • -NO PETS except service dogs are allowed on the farm.
  • -Staff will be in our fields to assist in making sure visitors are following the above safety protocols. If a Staff member observes any visitors who are not following these protocols, you will be reminded to follow directions or told to leave the farm. Our goal is to provide a safe experience for all visitors

Missing your Butler favorites?  Coordinate your picking with a Curbside Order Pick Up!  MMMM… Apple Cider Donuts!

Pick Your Own Reservations

Scattered picking.  Additional reservations will be entered Thursday by 5:00pm for the weekend and Sunday by 5:00pm for next week.

Picking Reservations

Crop Availability

Crop Approximate Availability
Strawberries Mid-Late May through June
Sugar Snap & English Peas Mid-June through late June
Black Raspberries Mid-June through early July
Blueberries Late June through early August
Tart Cherries Late June
Flowers July through September
Blackberries Mid-July through August
Potatoes Late July through September
Red Raspberries Mid-August through first frost
Apples Early September through mid-October
Pumpkins Late September through October
Christmas Trees Late November through December 24

Picking Conditions

Excellent Picking Conditions

  • The fruit is abundant and easily found.
  • It does not require much time to pick and fill a container.
  • One does not have to cover much distance or area in the field to fill a container.
  • There is more excellent quality fruit.
  • It is the peak of the season.

Good Picking Conditions

  • The fruit is abundant, but not as plentiful or easily found as when conditions are excellent.
  • It takes a little longer to pick the same amount of fruit as compared to when conditions are excellent.
  • You may have to cover more area to fill your container.
  • The quality of the fruit is still very good.
  • The season may be starting or winding down, or we may be in between the peak of a variety of a crop.

Scattered Picking Conditions

  • There is not a lot of fruit and the crop might be considered “light”.
  • It takes longer to pick and fill your container.
  • You will have to work harder and cover more area to fill your container.
  • The quality can be excellent and there will be pockets of great fruit but it will take more effort.
  • Picking can be scattered when the season is just beginning or when it is ending.

If the weather is uncertain, please call before coming (301-428-0444).

Looking forward to 2020 Pick Your Own!

If the weather is uncertain, please call before arriving.


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